Reset Defaults

Warning: this buttons restores default settings on all tabs! (except Hotkeys, these have their own Reset defaults button). Some settings are however unaffected – these are noted below.

General Settings

Language, Game Speed, Video and Audio options. None of these have any effect on game difficulty.

The following options are not affected by Reset defaults button: Language, Game Speed, Fullscreen, Windowed resolution, Music, Speech, Sound effects, City sounds. 70% is default game speed – this value is used when a game is loaded.
General Settings
Video Options
Audio Options

User Interface

These options provide convenience, with no effect on difficulty. Recommended to turn on (besides defaults): Scroll speed is not affected by Reset defaults; 70% is the default value.
User Interface1
User Interface2


Recommended to turn on (besides default God curses/blessings): Global labor pool, Block building around wolves.
Difficulty Options

City Management

Recommended to turn on: Buying market ladies don't distribute goods, Farms and Wharves deliver only to nearby Granaries, All houses merge, Randomly collapsing Clay Pits and Iron Mines.
City Management Options


Clone, Mothball, Show Special Orders (J), Clear land (X), Housing, Road, PlaZa, Gardens, PrefecTure, Engineers' post, Doctor, Barber, GranarY, Warehouse, Market (Vendor), WAll, GatehouSe, ReservoIr, AQueduct, Fountain, RoadblocK, Wheat farm (Nutrition), Undo.

Relative Overlay, Water, Fire, Damage, CRime, PrOblems, Food Stocks (Granary), ENtertainment, Education, School, Library, Academy, Barber, Baths (tUbe), ClInic, Hospital, SicKness, TaX income, Desirability (Plazas), Sentiment (Questioning citizens), Mothballed, Religion (praY), Roads (Travel), Levies (the last overlay: Z).

Global Hotkeys
City Hotkeys
Constructions1 Hotkeys
Constructions2 Hotkeys
Overlay1 Hotkeys
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